They will have to kill all of us

Fundamentalists war on bloggers and free-thinkers

Photography - Video reportage


Ahmed Rajib Haider was killed in front of his house in Dhaka, hacket to death with machetes by a group of youngsters on the 15tn February 2013. Since then many others bloggers, activists, writers, have been killed in Bangladesh, in what seems a real war against bloggers and freedom of speech. In 2013 a list of 84 bloggers was sent by an anonymous fundamentalist group to some newspapers: it was a hitlist, with the names of those that, due to their secularist ideas, should have been killed. Haider was one of them, and like him  Roy, Rhaman, Dipon, Niloy, all killed in streets or in their houses by groups of fundamentalists such as Ansarullah Bangla Team, claimed to be responsible also for the attack at the Holy Artisan Bakery where twenty foreigners have lost their lives.

Accused to be anti Islamic, infidels and atheists, bloggers, writers, activists, free-thinkers have become the first target for Islamic fundamentalists that in this country are growing week by week thanks also to the investments made by Middle Eastern countries and to the tight link with the islamist party Jaamat e Islami., accused by many to be the mastermind of all these killings.

Fundamentalism and terrorism are growing side by side in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world. And it is not a coincidence if today  madrashas that focus entirely on religious education have expanded by from 4,100 in 1986 to 14,000 in 2015, taking education to more than one million students.


In the least years there have been rallies organized by the fundamentalist group Hefazat e Islam asking for death penalty against “atheist” bloggers, and the government never acted properly against this threats, rather targeted bloggers, activists and writers, arresting them on flimsy charges (disturbing public order) and giving the sensation that they were left alone by authorities and isolated in the society. Becoming the best target for terrorists.


Dozens of bloggers and writers were forced to flee the country in an attempt to escape killings (however IS published in September 2015 a list of Bangladeshi bloggers living abroad).

They have to kill us all: fundamentalists war on bloggers and free-thinkers” is an in depth journey through the lives of those people (bloggers, writers, civil rights activists) that have decided not to flee and to live under permanent life threats. Living secluded in their apartments, moving only if necessary, forced to change their schedule all days, to sacrifice friendships and personal life, in the name of freedom of speech.